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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Shredded Sheet

I don't know how this happened, but it did. Not only the huge rip on MiRVs side but a small one was on my side. AND it happened on the same that weird or what? Guess that's a SURE sign we need new sheets!

This sheet set is 5 years old. Is that old for a sheet? Maybe it is. I guess it is! We don't have another set, in fact this is a set from our sticks and bricks living. RV sheets are expensive IMO. Maybe they are not but they seem to be to me. However, I have seen them on sale at Camping World for 34.99. I guess that's not horrible and they are the right size for the RV, which is a queen short. So our fitted sheet from the sticks and bricks fitting is not a big issue but the top sheet is really BIG as in there is way too much of it and I don't like it. MiRV says whatever. But it bugs me!

A quick google search reveals that a Target trip is needed for a new fitted sheet. The size they carry will work quite well and solves the issue for's not the same color but it WILL work for us. Well until we are near a Camping World!

 The new fitted sheet!

Since we are now near a Camping World and we recently scored a CW $10 off coupon we got new sheets! BONUS the sheets were also on sale! So that puts us right as rain for getting new sheets! And we now have the real RV queen short size. It is a matching set of new sheets with pillow cases! Happy dance!!! Now changing sheets will not have to coincide with immediate laundry :) Just need to get them washed and they are ready to be put in service!


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