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Monday, September 30, 2013

31 days of RV Living

Welcome to my new blog! The last several years I've blogged here. Since we have embarked on our new journey the old spot just didn't seem to fit anymore. So here we are! 


I am joining/committing/linking up to the annual 31 days(read all about that here) for the month of October. I am looking forward to writing about our day to day experiences as we jumped right into full time RVing. This is my third year to journey along with the Nester and the other 31 Dayers. Pull up a chair and let's roll down the road together!

Welcome to 31 days of RV Living

If you would have asked me a year ago if I would be living in an RV full time within the next year I would not have answered you yes probably not even maybe! Surrrrrre that was the plan, albeit a vague one for down the road when we retired, like for when we really retired, retired but within the year, yeah, no! After all, we were only retiring from the military not really retiring. So how did we get here? 

We just jumped right in feet first, bought our 31 feet of Bliss and the rest is history. Once we made the decision we just went for it. We really did! We didn't actually have a solid post military retirement plan job wise but we did have a few plans; such as to be in Omaha, NE to see our daughter graduate college in May and then be there again for her wedding in July. We knew we wanted to be able to experience both of these major events with no time constraints. We hadn't come to a decision on where our new home would be after 27 years of military living, had no clue really, so in our minds the best thing to do while we made this transition (and decision) was to go mobile! We now own a a home on wheels. So here we are living the dream in a 31 foot RV. Yeah, for no mortgage!!!

We have now been at this full-timing thing for nine, yes I said NINE, months and we haven't looked fact, we like it so much that we are thinking of keeping at it longer then those initial 18 months we committed to. Which ohbytheway was originally 12 months and was quickly tweaked to 18!  

It's been an adventure and the next 31 days will highlight part of our journey!

There have been a few oops moments (think bottle of syrup falling from the top shelf), lots of OJT and several laughs (heat on in the back with air going in front) and a few tears! But we have so enjoyed the freedom it has brought. We aren't always sure where we will go next, we take it one day at a time (though as a cost savings factor we do try to stay in one place for a month as that usually makes the slot space cheaper) and hope to end up in Florida at some point and with a job of some kind, well that's a maybe on the job! But Florida IS the goal at this point!

Day 1 - Meet Sunny
Day 2 - Wednesday Words
Day 3 - Fuel
Day 4 - Toads
Day 5 - YES day
Day 6 - Just in Case
Day 7 - Oh, what about the poo?
Day 8 - Shades of Gray (&Black)
Day 9 - Wednesday Words
Day 10 - Boondocking or Stealth Parking
Day 11 - Special Touches
Day 12 - Hang it Up!
Day 13 - Connecting to the WWW
Day 14 - Keepin' it Cool (or Warm) (or Dry)
Day 15 - Rolling Along...
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Day 17 - Snail Mail
Day 18 - Setting Up
Day 19 - ET Phone Home
Day 20 - Catching some ZZZZZzzzzz's
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Day 22 - Money Matters
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Day 24 - Let's Dish
Day 25 - Lather Up
Day 26 - TV
Day 27 - Eats
Day 28 - Laundry
Day 29 - Doing life or what we like to call "Living the dream..."
Day 30 - Wednesday Words
Day 31 - Final Thoughts


  1. What a fun adventure you are on! I can't wait to read all about it.

    I found you through #31 days. I'm participating too.

  2. Oh wow! Now that's an adventure! My family one time lived in an RV for 9 weeks...that was plenty enough for me!

    1. You never know Rachel you may want to give it a go sometime!!!

      Thanks for coming by and commenting!!!