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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

 Happy, happy thanksgiving one and all!!!

It was our first Thanksgiving in the RV!

We had a lovely slow day we really enjoyed it! Then in the afternoon we tried for another launch; unfortunately it was a no-go. 

 Candied sweet potatoes then baked with marshmallows on top and homemade noodles are two must haves for our dinner!!!

 MiRv's plate before he got too far into it! His tummy was happy!!!

Our food was awesome, weather was beautiful, talked to each of our folks and child, along with several text from friends and family near and is good, MUCH to be thankful for!


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday Words - Dixon

I think that on the eve of Thanksgiving that it's most appropriate to utilize a quote that reflects a thankful spirit; therefore, I choose this one...

“Sometimes we focus so much on what we don't have that we fail to see, appreciate, and use what we do have!”
Jeff Dixon

Jeff Dixon is a mystery writer living in the central Florida area near Walt Disney World! I didn't know that til I was searching for a quote on thankfulness. I think his words definitely fill the bill for what I was looking for! Truer words I cannot say myself as I know I have been caught in this trap...seems as I've grown older I am getting a little wiser too as I totally think this quote rocks!
#Jeff Dixon

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Shopping!

Thanksgiving IS probably my favorite holiday. I love all the food (minus the turkey, yeah, I know crazy but I don't like turkey so much) and there is not any stress of gift buying plus there are parades and football games. For us Thanksgiving is usually more friends (who ARE our family) than relatives due to not being able to make it home very often for this holiday.

Early memories as a couple are UNDER baking the turkey in the Azores! YUCK, maybe that is why I don't like turkey... Also sharing an awesome feast with friends and relatives in COS a couple years in a row. Just the three of us having an early lunch before MiRV had to go to work in DC with HoneyBaked Ham! YUMMERS!!! Going to the beach in Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday one year was awesome too while we were in AL. Of course being outside Florance, Italy with the Chernobyl orphans is still a standout in my mind. The children had never had cool whip nor whipped cream from a can, that was a hoot and the experience also made a much deeper impact on my heart. Made me hug our own daughter a little tighter and be so very thankful for our life. I always try to reflect on what we have and how totally blessed we are...beyond measure for sure!

 A few of my Aldi buys!

Anyway, shopping this year is what's on my mind. I will naturally do our favorites--mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, dressing, noodles, rolls, Kelley's corn, pumpkin pie; haven't yet determined if we want ham or not. I am trying to plan in my brain how I will prepare and cook it all, course portions will be smaller and I have to get my brain to think that through but we would still like a few leftovers; after all, that's something we look forward to! It will be yummy and I am already looking forward to it, maybe a little too much!!!

So what are your Thanksgiving plans, do you plan to stay home, go out, have family or friends over or both? Is your crowd going to be large or small? No matter what or how it's a wonderful time to reflect and I plan to do exactly that again this year and thank God for all that we have been so blessed with. Our year has been so abundantly full and we are so amazingly fortunate to be living as we are we ARE really VERY, very blessed!  I don't ever want to not be thankful or lose sight of how blessed we are, to never take for granted the bounty we have...

It will be just MiRV and I this year, unless Three Doors Down is able to join us since he is still in the area but I think he will be working to get that rocket launched! But it's all good we are okay with just each other, it's kind of nice actually :) And there may also be a beach trip that day which I know MiRV will totally enjoy OR a rocket launch?? we will just have to see. Best part is it's totally up to us we will if we want to and we won't if we don't...that's a pretty good part!!

Stay tuned there will be pictures and you will find out if we do make it to the beach or get to see the rocket launch!


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Three Doors Down...

The email came late in the week that he would be in the area and we might be able to see him. ECSTATIC... so late Saturday afternoon we get the call that he had a few hours before he would need to be back on duty; works for us we are there.

We shared a little drink and food and caught up, it was great to see him, he looks well and is doing great! Life in Cali again agrees with him and the fam is doing well so life is truly grand!! It was a great time chatting and catching up, so thankful for a few hours of his time! Then like a flash he was off to do business!


Thursday, November 21, 2013


So it started out as a somewhat gloomy day, we had gone to the library to internet, hit up the grocery store and then since the sun had come out we decided to head on over to the beach to see if there were waves. There were, we unloaded, I was good on the beach with a book, MiRV took the board and hit the waves. All was good, it was a decent afternoon, little bit of sun was playing peekaboo in and out of the clouds and it was not real hot with a great breeze, okay it might have been a tad windy but I wasn't complaining, I was on the beach after all with a good book!

 On the beach prior to the oops moment...

After a couple hours and catching a few good waves MiRV headed in. As he approached the shore he washed through some pretty heavy whitewater that whipped his board up in the air where it came down smackdab on his nose. Blood, lots of blood, MiRV is pretty sure it's broken. This happened one other time, it was not but there was lots of blood that time as well. 

We head to the ER...

Waiting, waiting, waiting, name of the ER game; we know the drill!
Yep, b.r.o.k.e.n. but no deviated septum, just fractured across the bridge. Oy vey!
Yep, it's swollen a little and more then a little tender!

The ER visit was pretty non eventful, we arrive, give info, go back for prelim and vitals, get settled in a room, see nurse, see doctor who orders x-rays, get x-rays, it's BROKEN, get referral, pay co-pay, drive home. Three hours later, it's all good...well sort of, it's still bleeding and he has to sleep in the upright position, but it's really going to be okay we think so it's all good.

The hurdles started the next day when we work through reporting the ER visit to our doctor and getting the referral approved, referral is to a specialist who deals with noses and does surgery, going to be interesting to see where this goes. Couldn't just see an ENT due to the fact he's had nasal surgery before so seeing a more detailed surgeon.

I think he's looking pretty good just 24 hours later! Thought he might been have worse with more bruising and black eyes but really he looks pretty darn good for having a broken nose!!! Now to see what the specialist says tomorrow morning!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday Words- Jiminy Cricket

"When your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme"   ~Jiminy Cricket 

Today's quote comes courtesy of another blogger! She was kind enough to share it with me in the comments during the 31 day challenge. I instantly thought I should make it a Wednesday Words post!! Thanks Carol!!!! 

To find out more about Carol just click on over and check her out!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Atlas V Launch

Blast off success for the Atlas V!!

It was so neat to see the latest local launch today!! Weather was a little cloudy so the view was short but it was still just incredible and then to feel it rumbling in your chest, nothing like it!!

Brings back memories of all the launches we attended at all hours of the day and night during our tenure at Patrick AFB! Only thing missing was our great friends Three Doors Down...really missed having our own RocketBoy giving us our personal insider info!!

Just another awesome day on the SpaceCoast!!

Friday, November 15, 2013


No internet right now except on phone which I can do the hotspot but I haven't. So we stopped in at the base library, where we were met by the friendly librarian who remembered us from when we were stationed here, today and thought I would get a post up.

Trip down (we relocated to the SpaceCoast) was good;dry camped at a relatively quiet rest stop north of St Augustine. It got c.o.l.d overnight! But we were toasty, in was just stepping out first thing that morning that made me reach under the bed for my Uggs!!!

 LOVE my Uggs on cool mornings!!!

Got right in at Patrick AFB, well sort of, there was a slight delay on our part, can you say gusty wind and a fallen latch lock out from the door being helped shut by that said wind? UGHHHHHH! All I can say is it's GOOD to have roadside assist and friendly, helpful fellow campers!! And soooo thankful it was not cold or rainy while we passed the time until Mr Pop-a-lock showed up. Yes, I know we should leave a window unlocked for such occasions, but we didn't this time and there you are and there you go!

Our new helpful friends...

What I know so far is that the beach is still awesome; though it's been on the breezy side since our arrival day! We have enjoyed walking the Banana River where it's been less breezy though. We spent today out on the beach and reminiscing of our time spent here a few years ago. It's fun to return and see what's changed and what's new! Which we have found is plenty from our short little drives around so far!

Atlantic Ocean

Again, just stopped off at the library on our way home and will be enjoying dinner from the crock pot in just a bit! I sat it outside since it's 80* here and didn't need to warm up the coach!

Dinner :)


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday Words - Elenor Roosevelt

This quote made me smile when I read it so I knew it was good for Wednesday Words!  

Have a great day!

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”   Eleanor Roosevelt


Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day

It's not just another day off, same way I feel about all holidays actually, they are not just days off, they have meaning. Obviously, some have more meaning to me than others, same for you I bet.

 An early days picture of MiRV while on deployment!

I have a Veteran or two or three in my life, I personally know the sacrifices we as a family have made as a service member's family, it's nothing earth shattering in my book, it was just our life. We took it in stride. I'm sure there were days I grumbled, but then I tried to do a reality check and pull myself away from that mentality. I mean I still had a living spouse, I was able to get occasional phone calls, letters did arrive more often then not. I think of those who served before us when communication was non existent, like NOTHING, for the whole tour, or spouses of POWs or even MIAs, yeah, I got no complaints...I am thankful for all Veteran's and especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

So on this Veteran's Day I salute those who are on the job, THANK YOU! You are true unsung heroes in my book. I am thankful to be an American.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Money Matters (October Wrap Up)

Since doing the 31 day challenge featuring a post on finances I have decided (for now anyway) to make it a monthly spot. Sort of a monthly wrap up for us so to speak. More for me then you (though I know some out there are a bit curious) so just indulge me or go ahead and click off if you aren't interested in that sort of thing. It's going to make me a little more accountable in keeping tabs on the budget (even making budget)if I know I am going to blog about it!!! So thanks invisible readers I appreciate your motivation! However, if you know me in real life you know I am sort of a nut when it comes to record keeping anyway but I digress, let's move on!

Here we go! We "moved" last month (and the month before that and the month before that...hmmm, I'm seeing a trend here) and we are moving again this month as well. It seems this is the way it's gonna be so I might as well come to grips with that part of this lifestyle... Anywho, the meat of this revelation is that moving cost money. Moving always cost money no matter what your situation is. Like I said I am coming to grips with this factoidl it's just the way it is and I'm gonna be okay with that; it just takes me second!! LOL

The big picture breakdown for October...went waaaaaaay over on food budget AGAIN! Ugh!! I guess there is an adjustment needed in this category! However, helping that hemorrhage this month was ordering coffee, it was on sale so I ordered to stock up (we will see how long it last), course it was only the kind MiRV drinks soooo still will have to track down my kind with a coupon for sure!!! And honestly, our food budget as I have made note of before is dependent on location and stores (ALDI makes a huge difference in stretching our grocery dollar and I will be happy, happy, happy to be near one again in just a few more days!!!) Also being close to the commissary helps.

In other areas we did well in the big picture look at it. RV slot was slightly higher here but still within budget!! We were over on gifts this month and I know next month will be as well but the budgeted amount reflects the yearly average; in my head I know some months will be over while others will be under and some none at all. It should all work out...I hope!!! Report shows eating out was r.i.d.i.c.u.l.o.u.s.l.y over as well. Hmmmm...this one is harder to stay on track with as we meet up with friends. We enjoy meals together...out. Adjustments may have to be made.

I also tweaked a few category names Tithes became Charitable Gifts since we also give to worthy organizations as well as give our tithe. I changed Stationary/Business Expense to Household Expenses. I will continue to adjust for what works for us in the coming months.

On a brighter note RV fuel was d o w n as well as CRV fuel, RV Exp/Upkeep/Maint; so that is awesome in my book!!

I have to say seeing the numbers in print on Groceries and Eating Out definitely makes me cringe a little...but not to fear as we still came in under budget overall so I'm not desperate about it and a bit of cash went into savings again this month so it's all good!

Snapshot for October...

Charitable Gifts $450.00 

RV Slots $510.00 (U)
RV Fuel $114.00 (U)
CRV Fuel $87.25(U)

CRV Upkeep $31.77 (U)
RV Exp/Upkeep/Maint $15.38 (U)

Groceries $439.05 (WAAAAAAY O)
Cell Phone $110.00
Eating Out $160.84 (O)

Gifts $60.00 (O)

Clothing $37.89 (U)
Household  $33.70 (O)
Laundry $12.00 (U)

(O) = OVER

Again, overall, I am still a happy girl since $$$ went into savings and we are living within our means, THAT is the goal and a great feeling for me no matter the income!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday Words - Eliot

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

-George Eliot

Chew on's good don'tcha think?