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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday Thoughts - Unknown

Apologizing doesn't always mean you're wrong and the other person is right. It means you value your relationship more than your ego. 


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Club 5-0!

Happy Birthday to myMiRV, today he officially became a member of Club 5-0!

This guy exudes LIFE...and while I am often never (okay, maybe not never but you know) quite as adventurous as he is I enjoy doing life with him. Here's to an awesome day and I know without a doubt we will find a treat to celebrate YOUR 5-0 day!


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday thoughts - Reagan

We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. Ronald Reagan

So that we do not become overwhelmed with all that we see around us that needs to be done this little thought can help us to remember that we can and should be doing something. 

Several weeks back MiRV was approached at the fuel pump by a Hispanic male who had a story...he quoted scripture, he was neatly dressed and clean, he had "handouts", he had an honorable cause...he was sincere. MiRV felt like we should "contribute". I was skeptical. We generously gave. Was it a scam, I think so. We pulled away from the pump and observed. There were actually two fellows, they did not approach anyone else while we were watching, in fact within 20 minutes of "scoring" our donation, they walked away from their post. From our vantage point we could not tell where they went, however, they reappeared within the hour and walked on down the street in the other direction got into their individual vehicles (very nice rides I might add) and left. Was I a little miffed, yes, I was. Did we really help? I don't know, I hope even if we didn't help the original cause he pitched that he was still in need and that he was helped in some way and that he will know that we were sincere.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Meet Trigger

Our world has been rocked. A lunch last summer with daughter and her daddy just knew our first grand baby was on the way. A visit a few days later confirmed this little secret.  And a few months later the big news was shared with family and the wait was on. One of the reasons we wintered in Texas this year was to be somewhat closer.

Fast forward to February and we were on target for making our way North for the impending March birth. Then, BAM. Trigger makes an early appearance just like her mama. Uncanny, mama came 5 weeks early, so did Trigger; mama was born on the 16th so was Trigger.

Meeting Trigger after a loooooong 18 hour trip. Pure joy!

This is a new adventure that we are totally loving...our hearts are soooooo full and this little one has completely captured our entire's amazing the instantaneous deep, fierce love that has become since meeting this precious child.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Words with Friends

It was a fantastic chat session! We exchanged a lot of words in a short amount time, it was glorious. How awesome to re-connect and it not even feel like you've missed a beat. That's friendship right there and the best possible kind. We don't do Christmas cards anymore but we do try to do meet ups when we are in the local area. MiRV is really good about keeping up via email and texting as well because believe it or not everyone is NOT on Facebook. So we have developed other means. I also randomly drop cards/small gifts/trinkets/post cards/ in the mail every month to various folks we've met along the way these past 30 years or so. It's just fun to keep in touch no matter the manner. Especially, those not on Facebook. It's fun! Keeps them updated, too. I have pulled back from the Facebook game he past several months though MiRV still finds it highly fun and entertaining. I do love the aspect of keeping up but oh me there is the can really wear on ya! Just sayin'...

Anyway, so a fun, fun, fun evening we had with the Ws. We enjoyed an awesome good meal on their back patio and an even more funtastic evening of chatter over coffee. Seriously, my throat was sore from talking and laughing so much. That didn't compare to just the great feeling of getting to share the evening with good people who are still doing the Lord's work and serving in the Blue. It's nice to know that even though so much has changed in the USAF there are still folks out there daily encouraging, instilling and making good happen. We will have better Airmen for it; I know that for sure!!

The next friend meet up was lunch with the Cs. Wow, they are smokin' the moves. Just found out they will head to DC in May. They have only been here in TX since June. With a smile on their face, they both said, "yes" we are excited and happy the USAF thinks we can handle this billet. Awesomeness! Our girls were friends in Italy and then again in Nebraska so it was good to catch up and fill in the blanks on their whereabouts and happenings. So proud of the young women they have all become.

We will meet up with a couple more good folks in the next few days so the fun is not over!


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday Thoughts - Rose

People come into your life for one of four reason: to add, to subtract, to multiply or divide. Choose wisely.
Jalen Rose

I haven't always chosen wisely...still I think you can learn from all those you cross paths with.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Choke Canyon SP

While not first on our list, it was the best on our list! So this has been home the last couple days. We have been rejuvenating in this little gem of a state park in the boonies of Texas.  It's definitely off the beaten path a bit. We actually had thought we would be closer to town in a city/county park but that didn't work out for us (no bath house, is a deal breaker when we are paying for a slot) so here we are with nice spot to enjoy hot running water and electrical hookups! It's been 26 days since we have had hookups, thankfully, it has NOT been that long since our last shower! Anyway, we are enjoying the luxuries. There is even wifi. While it's not in our camping area it's at the visitor center. That's a nice little 5 mile ride to the visitor center ...MiRV made the trip three times; me, only once!
It's a quiet place and peaceful. There are deer in the campground each morning and evening,. Several different birds that we can hear but seeing them has been a different story. However, one little guy likes us...evidently a lot. He visits several times a day. This is fine, well, not really cause he likes to hang around near the mirrors and poop everywhere. I've had quite a time cleaning up after this little dude! He's a warbler, that's as good as it gets for identification from me. Could be wrong even on that front! Anyway, he likes hanging around and seeing himself in the windows and mirrors! He also eats the bugs so I guess it's good in some form.

 Our little friend

Taking off towards the North again stop unknown...with several possibilities on the list, we will see what works out! Living on the edge we are!! And looking for a car wash to get rid of the salt, sand and bird drippings! Oh, and an HEB Plus, too. I have come to really, I mean REALLY like these stores. Great produce and good prices! Win, win. There is even the potential for a commissary and BX in our future so that is kind of exciting too. I have a list so we will be stocking up if we do get the chance. There are some things we like and use that are just cheaper on a base!


Sunday, February 7, 2016

Enjoying the sunsets...

The temps have been a little cooler at night than we like without hookups so we have found ourselves along the coast. Port Isabell and SPI seem to have the warmer night time temps. For us that is good. We have found a few places to slip in and park for the overnight. There are some nice locations and we are thankful for that.
I like it when there are some clouds...
The perk of being in this area is the sunsets...we have found a spot and we head to it around the three o'clock hour and usually stay til well after the sun sets. This is two fold, we arrive early to get a spot we can fit in and then we stay late after all the others have left cause it's a great place to watch the sun go down and we are never alone. Depending on the weather there can be quite a crowd or just a few but there are always others around catching the last moments of the day. We have been treated to some very spectacular views. Honestly, it just makes one wonder how you could see this marvelous beauty and not realize there is a God.

Sunset Photographer!

Since we usually eat while waiting for the sun to set or as it's going down, I am usually inside preparing or cleaning up so it is MiRV who pops out to capture the beauty for us!

One evening we were treated to a show with our dinner as we watched a young woman "model" for a young man. It was a photo shoot of sorts, she came in stiletto heels with a fur coat on. She slid out of that and had on only a bikini. After several shots she donned a long black dress and slithered out of the bikini, more shots, then she bundled up back in the coat for a few more shots and they departed. You just never know watch you'll see if you just look...
And lastly there was a beautiful sunrise from our spot the last two's the little things! Not gonna miss much about OWT but this could be on a list if there was one. Today we are start trekking northward.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Let's go fly a kite!

Wow, what a sight to see. So many kites! There were BIG ones and little ones of all shapes and sizes and so very colorful. There was plenty of sunshine and lots of wind; Like, LOTS of it. But it was sunny and we had windbreakers so it was quite pleasant. The SPI Kite Fest 2016 was a 3-day event with LOTS and LOTS of people. Oh say, 12,000 or so of my newest best friends...yeah, I wasn't so thrilled about the crowd but such is life. We only went on Saturday and I think that proved to be the biggest attendance day. People were everywhere. We took our chairs and had a good view from the start but as the day progressed we kept moving up and moving up and ended right in the front row. That was neat, got a great view of the flyers. Did I mention this was a FREE event. That of course made it even better in my book, who doesn't like FREE!
Let's go fly a kite
Up to the highest height
Let's go fly a kite
And send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let's go fly a kite

Do you remember the song from Mary Poppins? Well, I do and this song kept wanting to burst from my mouth while we were at this kite fest! LOL
The demos were amazing, such talent and precision, with a kite, who knew? They flew kites to music and made them dance and bow. Honestly, it was as if the kites had their own little personalities! It was quite fascinating to watch the kites in the air and if you could tear your eyes away and watch the flyers they were really incredible to see as well. It was quite a show no matter where your eyes were.

I personally enjoyed the little kites with tails, it was like watching the gymnast who uses ribbons, beautiful and so artistic with the most amazing bright blue sky as the backdrop; it was just plain fun to watch. And the flyers were from ALL over...Maryland, Georgia, New Jersey, Oregon, Florida and of course, all parts of Texas!

 Loved these!

The hobby flyers who had display kites were neat, too. Ducks, penguins, clown fish, parrots, octopus, gecko, dolphins, lobster, beta fish and the list goes on and on. These were just fun to see and watch as they bobbed around the sky. Besides the animal shaped kites there were all sorts of other shapes and sizes flying about the sky. Due to the winds, which were upwards of 25 MPH in the afternoon some were unintentionally grounded, got inadvertently tangled with others and some had to be put away as the wind was just too much for them to fly safely.

Soon we will start heading north. Praying for the best in weather. Reality is we are most likely gonna need to winterize.


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday Thoughts - Lewis

Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but 
when you look back everything is different.

C.S. Lewis