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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday Thoughts - Chesterton

The traveler sees what he sees, the tourists sees what he comes to see.
Gilbert K. Chesterton 

Hmmm...sometimes I am a traveler and sometimes I am a tourist: both have there place in this world.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Cabana Boy

House sitting gigs are pretty sweet for us especially when there is a pool in the deal. It gives us an opportunity to live in a more spacious environment and we enjoy the change of pace. This particular gig is probably one of the best ones we've had, though all have been fun and we've definitely enjoyed them. This opportunity certainly came about at the right time and has been awesome. Love the pool aspect but we have also been enjoying the cable TV with unlimited access to Olympic coverage! GO TEAM USA. Staying up way to late to watch and watching nonstop during the day...oh, the life we have been blessed to lead.

Having a pool is totally cool and we love it but usually one doesn't realize the work that goes into having and maintaining a pool. My father kept up a pool for years and it was always pristine, he was a great pool boy. That was an above ground. The pool we are maintaining is in ground and much deeper than the above ground. Which makes the cleaning a bit more challenging. We have vacuumed twice, skimmed multiple times a day and of course kept up with the chlorine treatment along with SHOCK treatments and with this heat the algaecide treatment is very important, too. Totally worth it as it is just relaxing to be around the pretty clear water.

The other cool aspects of house sitting are being able to prepare meals in a much larger space! It's something I don't miss all the time but it is fun to prepare things we don't have regularly with a WELL stocked kitchen in terms of pans and utensils. I have enjoyed it very much. We've enjoyed meatloaf, pizza and roast to name a few meals since the oven is something I miss the most. It's also been fun to do a little baking. MiRV was excited to get a yellow cake with chocolate icing. I on the other hand was thrilled to have monkey bread! It's the little things...

Also an aspect one doesn't realize is the fact that we do have a shower in ROADA, albeit small, but we don't use it so much due to the water usage and gray tank capacity, so it's a luxury to have a real shower at our disposal :). And the great internet connection is another bonus, along with the washer & dryer on site, I'm tellin' ya, those little things mean a lot! In fact, I think we are getting's only been a few days and we have a few left but we are getting soft already :) Truly, I cannot emphasize enough how much it really, really, REALLY is the little things...we love the lifestyle we've chosen for now but we also enjoy it when we get to live the high life!! Okay, honestly, this particular gig isn't all roses and rainbows; just so you get a dose of reality, there are two dogs to manage (outside, thankfully) but still, feeding and watering and looking after them is one of our duties this week. thankfully, MiRV is handling that!

Enjoy life folks, you never know when you are living your last moment. Last week we attended the funeral of one of our high school classmates fathers and then stopped by the funeral home for one of our classmates, in addition to finding out our former pastor's wife passed away. Life is shorter then you think.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

That's a ZIPPER...

When your ulna nerve is grossly enlarged (like 4Xs what it should be) you try to deal with it for awhile, then the tingling, numbness and pain becomes more then you are wanting to live with so you go to the doc again. Which in this case is a good thing because it was not known to us that once the damage has been done it is irreversible. Surgery was the next course of action to stop further damage. Thankfully, it was schedule quickly and there were no complications. Hoping for just as good of outcome on the next go round. Oh, yes, this is on both elbows so we will be doing this again in a few weeks. Stay tuned, there's more, but let's get through the elbows before we move on...nice thing about it is we are house sitting for the next 10 days or so and have a little more space to recover in!
He's marked and ready to go, really did it matter as long as they did the correct surgery? No, cause before it's all over both elbows will be done, he just starting with the left!
He looks like he is ready to mess with a working K9!

WOW, honestly, I think we were both surprised when the bulky bandage came off and the scare was as big as it was...from the surgery consult  with the doc and all that the PA told us we were expecting a smaller cut. Anyway it is our hope and prayer that he is done with being bothered by this and that the cubital tunnel release was a success!!!
That's his zipper!
Kudos to the KC VA Hospital even though things ran behind it was a smooth day!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I did, did you!

I certainly hope you did your civic duty today! We did, my parents did, my niece did, my in laws did (they didn't have a choice, we took them to lunch and stopped by our polling place on the way home). Kind of a neat deal we actually voted at our designated polling place, our first time ever since we've been registered voters. Usually we vote absentee in person or with absentee  ballots via the U.S. Mail. However, since we are in town, we were able to vote in the flesh at our actual polling place. Since our polling site has recently changed we found it via the scenic route around town which was fine since the little burg we cast votes in seems to be getting a bit of revitalization; it was good to see some of the positive changes.

Go Greitens!!! It's a hot race for Governor in MO. We will be anxiously awaiting the closure of the polls and watching/listening as the returns come in for the results of all the races tonight!