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Monday, October 27, 2014

Goodbye Sunny, Hello Roada

The BIG news in our world is that Sunny has a new home so that means we have a new home...we took the plunge and became Roadtrek owners. It was a HUGE decision as the financial outlay was a bit overwhelming and scary as we drained our savings accounts.

Our first look at our new rig!

MiRV drove Roada and I followed in Deuce, we spent our first night at a Sammie's parking lot

Our new rig is Roada and we think she will be with us for many years to come. She is a beauty. Since she is smaller it is taking a bit of getting used to as we adjust to having less space which also means less stuff. This is fine with me, however, does call for even more creativity as we fit in what we consider the necessities!!!

 Moving day or actually days!

Relaxing after moving!

With buying new there have been several bugs to work out, which was and continues to be overly disappointing but we hope/know/pray in the long run it will all be good.

Roada will allow us more versatility in our travels. She is quite small at 22 feet long and just under 10 feet tall that we will be able to go practically anywhere. We will also be able to boondock and dry camp more with her awesome solar capabilities. We are uber excited and are look forward to getting out on the road in her soon!


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