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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

RoadTrip w/o Roada :(

It was off to OKC for a quick trip to take care of RX refilling for MiRV. We were so very sad we could not take Roada as she is STILL being fixed. It's wearing on us both to be without our home...and we had to get a room at the inn.

Anyway, we did enjoy our quick stay in OKC. Always good to see friends from our time there. We left EARLY Sunday a.m. and rolled into town just in time for church. Nice to hear Bro Ryan's sermon and getting to see everyone. Had lunch with friends and then back for the evening 5th Sunday singing, then on to snacks and visiting the evening away with more friends. Great catching up with everyone for sure. 

Monday was COLD and very WINDY and made me certain I do not want to be here for long at this time of year! VA visits are always humbling; so thankful for the health we do enjoy and makes some of our ailments pale in comparison to what we see when we are there. Mission accomplished with refills, so back on the road again. Way too short of a visit, hopefully, we will get this way in milder weather next year! But having great Mexican food was a wonderful bonus as well as getting to see friends who are like family!


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