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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I did, did you!

I certainly hope you did your civic duty today! We did, my parents did, my niece did, my in laws did (they didn't have a choice, we took them to lunch and stopped by our polling place on the way home). Kind of a neat deal we actually voted at our designated polling place, our first time ever since we've been registered voters. Usually we vote absentee in person or with absentee  ballots via the U.S. Mail. However, since we are in town, we were able to vote in the flesh at our actual polling place. Since our polling site has recently changed we found it via the scenic route around town which was fine since the little burg we cast votes in seems to be getting a bit of revitalization; it was good to see some of the positive changes.

Go Greitens!!! It's a hot race for Governor in MO. We will be anxiously awaiting the closure of the polls and watching/listening as the returns come in for the results of all the races tonight!

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