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Sunday, January 8, 2017

HighPoints and Hot Springs

Howdy there! So we have decided that 2017 is gonna start us on hitting HighPoints. We aren't aiming to make all 50 in the U.S. in one year but we are going to try and make our way through the list as we travel around.

Driskill Mountain in Louisiana is our first HighPoint!

Mount Magazine in the Natural State was our 2nd HighPoint. (That's Arkansas for those unfamiliar with the state nickname.)

Hot Springs, Arkansas in front of BathHouse Row.

The weather was more than chilly on this trip but we made the best of it and still had fun! We enjoyed the time away and now we are looking forward to seeing Trigger again. She's growing way too fast, I'm afraid she will be walking before we make it to see her again. This child is on the move according to her mother and popping teeth like popcorn!

Stay warm out there; it's looking like we are possibly going to have a heck of an ice storm if the weather guessers are correct. However, since it's still a few days away it's anybodies guess if they are gonna be right or wrong.

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