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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Holiday Happiness

It was fast and furious and foggy but we made it. The SuperTrooper got off in the wee early morning hours so MiRV drove us on the first leg. I'm not sure anyone got any sleep. There might have been some dozing though. Once we reached I-29 the fog was better but still lingering. Long about Kansas City we changed drivers and finally pulled into the Grands about 9 a.m. Quick snack and then naps all around. Once we had a little rest it was then off to the Christmas Day celebration at Aunt Turtles.

I do believe Trigger had quite an exciting First Christmas with her Missouri cousins. She was very social and did pretty awesome all the way around! She took a great nap before presents were opened so she was all into ripping that paper. Though putting the paper in her mouth and playing with the boxes was way more fun than any gifts she got. Of course, that always seems to be the way it is with little ones this age. It was a quick turn and burn as we spent the day after visiting the farm Grands, having a quick Grill burger lunch then on to an evening with just the Littles and a pizza party before heading off to the North. So glad that we were all able to be home for Christmas we had not all been home together since 2007. Wow! We will take off later this week for a quick southern jaunt and unfortunately it doesn't seem like it will be warmer this time.

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