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Saturday, September 21, 2013

New friends and neighbors!

We enjoy people watching! I mean seriously who doesn't? As we travel around in our 31 foot of Bliss we scout out the area try to be friendly, observe our surroundings and usually end up naming our neighbors. Some we actually meet and find out their real names, such as Tom R. Jones from McAlester, OK while we were at the Army Ammunition Depot there.  We currently now have Richard and Gary. At Barksdale we had Don & Cheryl, Dennis & Eddie and Craig. However, it's those unnamed that we affectionately name that is the real treat!

Right now we have ice man, horse boy, marine dude, flag man and new baby people in our immediate area. We are friendly with them as they drive or walk by and same for us as we take walks around the park, but we have not made that transition into knowing their real names. Funny and odd at the same time! And as I mentioned it's a real people watching mecca! Not to mention that most Rvr's are quite friendly and helpful to each other, it's quite nice!

The most entertaining people watching in the RV world IMO is when new folks come in and get settled. Everyone has their methods and we are no exception but to observe it is usually several enjoyable minutes. Some are so bold as to come out and turn their chairs for the show, others stay inside but open their blinds all the way up for the best view and others are out and observing but not so obvious about it (that's the category I try to fall into if I'm outside, but sometimes it just works out that you are staring, otherwise I'm an inside open the windows kinda watcher!).

Truly there is lots to observe and learn and being friendly is just the right way to go!

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