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Friday, September 13, 2013

On the move!

We left Shreveport and headed east with the plan of eventually dropping south. You know F.L.O.R.I.D.A. is the goal! 

So since we were going right by there anyway we decided to stop at the famed Duck Dynasty place. I have to be honest and tell you I have seen the show exactly TWO times. However, my family, my dad especially, sings this shows praises so it was in his honor and the Littles, along with Uncle Jim that we stopped. The two times I have seen it I was entertained. We took Exit 114 and less then a mile later we were turning down Kings Lane to the warehouse. Thankfully there was a nice new looking parking lot and it wasn't real crowded so we parked the RV and headed over. In a word small. We went into the gift shop and there really wasn't a lot even though they had just expanded into another room that was not air conditioned. The t-shirt selections were disappointing so we left with only one item for my dad (shhhhh don't tell him)!

We did not see any of the recognizable cast...however, as we were walking to the RV to leave whoever drives the big white truck did pull in and go to the private employee parking area. We were too far away at that point to rush back over and see who go out. It was a fun stop, we can say we did it, it's not a big place and I think they are trying to accommodate their huge following but yet not encourage things to get out of hand.  

 We were there!

 MiRV & Willie!

On down the road we went and soon found ourselves in em, eye, crooked letter, crooked letter, eye, crooked letter, crooked letter, eye, hump back, hump back, eye and decided to stop at Vicksburg and take in the battlefield. Quite an impressive visitor's center with a nice movie and little walk through museum that really educated us on this historic battlefield. We ate lunch here, nothing fancy just PBJs in the RV with chips and dips! 


We were "boondocking" tonight and had a rest stop in mind, however, one we arrived we (ready that ME) were having second thoughts. We went ahead and had dinner and enjoyed the shade and breeze of the area then decided to head on into Meridian for the night instead. We did still boondock, but we opted for the Sam's parking lot instead of the rest area. It was still quite warm out and too much road noise for my liking but for one night it was doable. Either location would have had both of these issues, road noise, heat so really we could have stayed put at the rest stop... Next time I hope for cooler weather and quieter surroundings!

Final destination was AL! We made it to Montgomery today and plan to hang out here for a few weeks. Laying low for the first week or so. Going to have some downtime and do some RV upkeep and just enjoy the area, the famcamp is on a lake area and MiRV hopes to get a little SUPping in. Funny how they allow that here and there are stumps in the water and everything! Then our plan is to reconnect with our Coosada friends and see what's up! Looking forward to it! After that it's still wide open but as I said earlier FLORIDA is the goal!

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