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Friday, March 21, 2014

kEY wEST, fL

This week we are in Key West. It's a new place on the map for me. MiRV traveled through here on his way to Cuba but didn't get to really enjoy it so we are here this week taking in the sights and checking out the area. It's quite eclectic. It's got a little undercurrent of New Orleans to it with a bit of mixed in with Eureka Springs, AR. I know strange combo but definitely the feel I got!

 Of course we did the traditional touristy things!

The water is gorgeous to look at, the beach is not so much a draw for me, it's rocky, very rocky and just drops off once you just a few feet in. We tried to snorkel from shore, pretty murky, I am sure if you took a boat ride out farther it is beautiful just not something we were planning to do. 

Gorgeous banyon tree

The Cuban food has not disappointed, YUM! Kim's Cuban was super good, the road construction made it a pain to get to but it was worth it, it was super tasty! There is also a GREAT French Bakery that has 1/2 price pastries in the afternoon and the coconut croissant it to die for! We may have popped in once, twice or even three times, it's possible, just sayin'!

 Our first morning sunrise

This is a NARCOsub that was "captured" off the Costa RIcan coast as it was trying to smuggle in 10 TONS of cocaine to the USA, yes 10 TONS... I was in total disbelief, that's unreal! This was in 2006 and from what I'm told the drug runners are still at it today.

Sunset from Mallory Square...we were there with many of our closest friends! LOL

Our friends...

Oh and the sunsets that are so talked about are quite nice. Very gorgeous for sure but I have to be honest and say that they are no more incredible then the ones we saw in Destin and there were waaaaaay less people. Again, just sayin'! But if you are there you should go to Mallory Square for a real people watching fest, it's incredible. Take in the street performers too, they are quite the entertainers.

We have really enjoyed our visit to Key West, not sure when or if we would ever come back but we thought it would be fun to visit and start at the bottom of the east coast and work our way up all the way along the eastern seaboard. We hope to make it the other end at Fort Kent, Maine to complete this journey!



  1. Just found your blog and I'm enjoying exploring your experiences. We too are retired military (1989), but totally retired. We have a home in Orlando and I'd been whining since we got our 2011 Hurricane 30Q that we just had to got to Key West. In spite of the fact that we ventured down there last spring while TS Alice was festering off Key West, I too found the experience anticlimactic. Now I can say, "Been there, done that", and have no need to return. Enjoy your travels. I will check-in again.

  2. Great to hear from a fellow military retiree!!! Funny you should mention Hurricanes as that is the model we have on our short list should we trade up! However, we are also looking at the smaller RoadTreks, such deceisions! I think your sentiments were spot on "been there, done that most likely not returning... Thanks for commenting and happy reading :)