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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Road Trip

So the time had come to move our STUFF from point A (Louisiana) to point B (Nebraska). We will be in NE more than not as that is where Mr&Mrs Bud are so why not have our things there too? Right, sounds easy. Sure...

After securing a PENSKE rental truck in LA, loading it up and heading north, we stopped overnight in AR before landing in NE to unload and return the truck to MO. 

 Loading in LA

 My view for 750 miles!

 Bonus was seeing the kids and daughter cooking for us!

The daughter is now the keeper of the keys. Amazing that nearly every thing we own fits in this 10 X 20 x 10 space. Talk about downsizing, we certainly have. There are also some things of the daughters that she doesn't have room for in the apartment. There will be a few more things added as a few items are still MIA but believed to be in OK but there is still plenty of room for that. She will have plenty to fill that home she hopes to own someday!

And ohbytheway, who knew waiting in line for over an hour for the cheapest diesel fuel in town would be the most stressful portion of this trip. We drove from NE to MO to return the truck since that made the rental contract nearly $350 cheaper. And well, you know, I am most generally all about the cheaper. So we had to fuel up before we returned the truck and I checked my handy dandy gasbuddy for the best price and that was Murphy and that was where the line was since a farm type guy was there filling his 1000 gallon tank for the winter. 

Anywho, mission accomplished and we are thrilled to have that done! Now to file all the paperwork!


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