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Monday, September 1, 2014

Poison Ivy Update

Trust me I am itching! Oh yes! I'm still fighting this PI outbreak! No, I haven't gone to the doctor and I'm not planning to go. After all, I have consulted Dr. google more then once and since it is not near my eyes or unmentionables, not warm to the touch nor crusted with pus letting it run it's course is the recommendation. I'm good with that!

The itching, did I mention it itches. Yeah, well, it does and it is extremely annoying at night. I'm currently using vinegar on it. The calamine lotion which was good at first actually seemed to make it weep as the outbreak progressed. So I switched to the vinegar. Seems to help in drying it up. Keeping it clean and dry is key. So no sweating is good but hard since I cannot just sit around in AC! After all, the yard needed mowed, walls needed washed and flooring has to be installed.

Oh and I also have been taking a Zyrtec the last two days. I really think that has helped tremendously! I am thankful it is not worse than it is!! Seriously!

Took these pics last night after my shower.


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