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Monday, August 31, 2015

Another MO week

We have just crossed off another week of family fun in MO!

And we have been busy...I do like busy, really I do, but my oh my it seems we've been really busy. It was another productive week for sure made even better with a visit from the daughter over the weekend. Always love it when she shows up :) Just a little glimpse into our life this week!

 We relocated the pile...not exactly a fun chore but one that needed to be done nonetheless! Now we can burn it without fear that it will warp the new siding. Then we mowed and topped off our workday by weed eating.

 There was work stoppage as the push mower would not stay running. I'm not gonna mention any names but maybe, just maybe someone might have gotten a little water in places it shouldn't have been when they washed the mower off after mowing last week.

  MiRV mows over at the Grands...very much appreciated by them!

 Gunner gets a training session...we'll see how this goes as MiRV continues to work with him over the next few weeks.

 Friday night under the lights with the family!

 Got to hang out around the campfire Saturday night.

 The Grands and the Buds before they left.

With us before they headed North.

 Another week in which we were busy and blessed.


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