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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Helping theBuilders

When we stopped by the Park we weren't exactly sure what we could help with but we knew we could do something!

We ended up helping out on a few fronts. MiRV assisted in the running of the comm for the house. He also helped to get the fridge to the BIG house.
That was fun to watch as they made their way across on the moving track!

I did some picking up, cleaning, moving around and such. Right up my alley! I'm not too technical so grunt work or menial tasks work well! Okay, I did some bird watching, too. They had a pretty mountain bluebird who was a chunk! Also saw a hummingbird and various other flying friends I have no idea their names.

We also learned a bit about guineas. Did you know they get pasty, poopy bums when they are little so you must do daily bum checks. Yep, tis true! So this was a truly educational visit in addition to a help out visit...seriously, you have NO idea how enlightened we became! It's always an adventure to meet up with these folks and educational, too, they are just cool like that!

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