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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

What a fun day...actually, we did something a little different this year. We had our Easter family dinner yesterday. Little nontraditional but it seemed to work for everyone; so, whynot? The food this year was also not our normal fare, not sure I can buy off on that next year...I mean I like fried chicken and potato salad (traditional and loaded), mac n cheese, and orzo salad, I'm just not quite certain they are my choice for Easter. Can you say, HAM? Next year if I am here there WILL BE ham!

When her LaLa made a trip to Lincoln last month he came home with this little outfit. This could be proof that we really should not allow him to shop for her unsupervised, this is only one of several things that made its way home with him that day...


 There was even a bunny tail on the bum! Her mamma made the tutu and hair bow. It didn't phase her to be posed in the eggs...

Happy Easter!!!

This morning our little Trigger made it to her first church service...she slept through it just as her mother did some 25 years ago. We then enjoyed BBQ for lunch and an afternoon of basketball watching. She had the most awake time ever today. She also fought sleep afterwards.

Meeting church folks.

Wearing her Easter dress and relaxing with G-Pa while mamma and daddy napped.


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