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Friday, March 25, 2016

Trigger meets some of the famdamily!

A few weeks ago there was an opportunity to see family so we took a little road trip. This was a full day but a neat day for Trigger. She got to meet aunts, cousins and her GiGi. Lunch at her mamma's current favorite restaurant was a bonus.

 With GiGi

 With her Auntie and theLittles

The others were just as taken with her and everyone enjoyed meeting her. All the great aunts from her mamma's side were there as well. It was just a really beautiful day and lots of lovin' went on with this little girl. She certainly had a big welcome to the family and came home with a whole new Spring/Summer wardrobe along with a few other things that will be fun to have as she grows.

She was an excellent traveler. Having ROADA to hang out in was very nice and provided plenty of space for her to stretch out, gave her mamma a place to to nurse her and others to come in and visit with her. She got her first state on this trip! Iowa has been checked off.

She made another trip just a few days ago traveling all the way to Missouri. She also added two additional states on this journey; Kansas as well as Missouri are now checked off. She was an excellent traveler once again her mamma said.

This trip allowed her to meet the rest of her GreatGrands. Talk about some very proud and excited folks, the smiles were big and wide as this meetin' and greetin' took place. She is certainly loved that is no doubt.

 Meeting Great Grandad and Great Grandma M

She also got to spend time with G-Pa and has been dubbed his Sweet Pea.

Lots of talking going on here.

In between meeting all her GreatGrands in the last 24 hours she had time to make her first trip to Grill! She slept through the whole experience...this kid is racking up experiences she will never remember but the rest of us will. We will tell her these stories over and over in the years to come, she is so little and so much fun to love. It's awesomeness.

White Grill

It was a great time and Trigger is being loved on from everyone. There is so much more in store this weekend, stay tuned.

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