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Monday, May 23, 2016

A BIG Hike

MiRV was planning to do a little hiking while we camped at the Frank Russell COE. Since it was only a 2.5 mile jaunt I thought why not tag along...after three hours and change we returned to find out that obviously the signage was WRONG and it was a whopping 8.7 mile hike. I hope I can move tomorrow. I also made the trek UP the hill to the shower house.
 MiRV got a chance to try out his hiking poles on a real trail.

Thank goodness there was shade...oh, yeah AND snakes! Someone may or may not have screamed like a girl. Hmmm, wasn't me, I didn't even see the darn thing til I had passed it and MiRV screamed. Since MiRV is in training for his AT he was packing with a 30 pound or so pack and thankfully we had plenty of water and snacks on this longer than we thought walk in the woods!

The reward was steak on the grill. Pretty sure I will sleep well tonight or maybe that's the wine that he also got to go with the steak! Yeah, he's a keeper! And speaking of this COE it's a quiet one! Not sure what it would be when they are busy but right now there are less than 10 of us and the park has 113 or so spots. Good shade, too. Shower house is average but you can't have everything. Night!

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