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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Busy Week!

It's been another busy week in MO...

There has been plenty of yard work to include mowing, weedeating, trimming, tilling and grass planting. We have also gotten in a little physical exercise. MiRV is still trying to work out the bugs while he preps for his "hike". I even joined him a couple days as he started out though i did not go as far as he did I did get some miles in. If you are interested he is blogging about this new adventure here.
 Ughhh, I wasn't ready for his selfie!

We were also Little pickup people which resulted in a after school adventure. They enjoyed a little time in the country and then it was off to more batting practice. We, thankfully, did not have any out of town trips this week so it was nice to be around. A little work was done down at the farm, too. We also spent another evening around the fire pit with the family. THAT was a good evening...It's been quick a productive week I do think! 
 This tiller was a beast to run. It is 40+ years old and shook MiRV all over. It's the tiller my dad had when I was little and my cousin brought it by for us to use near the fence row we cleaned out last year. Now there is grass seed planted!

And now we are trying to decide an itinerary for a quick little jaunt up north for a few days...stay tuned there may be covered bridges to see!

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