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Sunday, July 31, 2016


Upon our return from NE we found we had had a guest. An unwanted, uninvited, unwelcome guest. In fact he was still with us when we returned. It was not until we were getting ready for bed did we realize such a guest existed. After much cleaning and a trip to the local discount store we were more equipped to handle such guest. Within a couple hours said guest had been escorted off the property.

Much to my dismay this unwelcome guest made himself at home while we were gone. He dined finely on our tortilla shells, tortilla chips, Cajun trail mix, BBQ chips, beef jerky (original AND teriyaki), gummy bears, cream of wheat, hot tamales, cilantro and granola, oh and lets not forget toilet paper! His last meal, however, was peanut butter.

Well, I must say there is nothing like getting ready to lay down in bed and catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye and telling MiRV I just saw something that I shouldn't have. I wasn't positive it was a mouse at this point and MiRV thought it was probably a "bug". Upon further investigation there was no doubt in my mind it was a mouse and we would need to take steps IMMEDIATELY to remove him. I was praying he was a lone ranger but just in case we left out additional traps.

And just for the record, the neighbors are gone, so I slept in the house on their couch. I don't take kindly to sharing my space with four legged creatures. Yes, creatures, as this guy had buddies. All three have found their way to the eternal peanut butter and we will no longer have unwanted guests! I hope and pray that is the case anyway. Until then I am cleaning and sanitizing like mad. Ugh, it torques me that we lost around $40 in food. Only one other time have we had a mouse invade our space and that was in CO many, many moons ago. Let's hope there are no more buddies and we are done with this little rodent incident. However, just to be safe we still have traps set offering that heavenly peanut butter with a bit of cheese...we slept in the neighbors house two nights. Last night we were back in ROADA and so far so good. I certainly hope this is over. Again, there are still a couple traps out just in case we have any late comers that missed the initial eternal peanut butter offering.

Well, I guess this was more like living the nightmare! LOL feel free to Scroll down for disgusting pictures...

#1 & #2 by #3 we were so over photographing this...

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