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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Lighting things up

No matter where we have lived we've always put up clear Christmas lights. Like since way back in the late 80s. This is real folks; like a family tradition. Well, that changed in 2012 when we moved out of our sticks a a bricks house into Sunny; no more lights :/ well with the exception of patio rope lights (not the same)! However, since we are wintering in MO we thought the Littles would enjoy lights, sooooo we busted out the old light sets and went to work.

MiRV in action
Now he wants to put some things in the yard...uh, no!

MiRV spent the better part of an afternoon getting them up and connected. This, of course, was after testing all the strands to see what was what since they'd been dormant for several years. We certainly had enough to do the roofline which always looks simply classic. Since Daughter had the clips we had to wait to put them up until those could be brought down on the TurkeyTrip. Not a problem since we are definitely AFTER Thanksgiving people when it come to Christmas lights. It was just that the weather was so mild and pleasant before Thanksgiving that we were gonna go ahead and get them up. No worries as the day we picked was pretty pleasant aside from a light breeze and maybe a sprinkle or too.

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