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Thursday, November 24, 2016

TurkeyTrot 2016

It WAS early, too early, cold, too cold but we loaded up and off we went with a thermos full of hot chocolate and LOTS of layers headed to Joplin for the Turkey Trot  2016 5K. The weather was really not that bad, temps were rising, however, the wind was just a bit too breezy whipping down Main Street like a banshee.

The Littles did the 1 mile fun run at 7:30 a.m. then the rest of the runners ran at 8:00. I was the designated baby holder. And hold I did; we kept each other warm. Thankfully, City Hall was open so we hung out in there until the first runners from our group were almost to the finish line. Went out to see them, then back into the warmth waiting for the next finishers. It was a full house. Over 1500 registered. They reopened registration not once but twice. Craziness. 

The 5K runners...pre race

The non 5K runners...see Trigger there all snuggled up? We were cozy!
First wave of finishers...
MiRV went back to run with each of the girls to encourage them to the end!

Our crew with our pirate patches!

Once everyone finished some had more coffee, hot chocolate and or KrispyKreme Donuts; some opted for just water then we loaded back up and headed north. Turkey Day dinner would soon be ready. We headed to the Grands to get cleaned up and then headed to the table and all was good!

Happy Thanksgiving! It is really the best holiday...lots to be thankful for and no gifts to buy.

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  1. I was dressed "as the Littles put it", like I was a burglar!" So I ran "like I stole it" during my 1st mile which was way too fast. At an 8:15 mile pace, there was no way Zech and I would keep up this pace.