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Saturday, August 17, 2013


DIY projects are not just for the sticks and bricks owners! We have never had a shortage of little projects to tackle around the RV. As of late we jumped into repairing the coach door. The entry door had some water damage. We noticed the rippling when we bought the rig but we just had not taken any measures to repair it until this week. Then MiRV just started investigating the situation and before you know it he had the lower portion taken apart contemplating how to repair it. Several trips back and forth down the aisles at the home improvement store with no real solution, a trip to a new to us RV store  and we still weren't really sure so we just went with it and $5 later we've got stick on wood flooring as our first attempt. Not sure it's the long term fix but it's better then it was and hopefully repaired from future water intrusion.

 Removing the water damaged door panels.

Putting it back together.

With the tape off.

All done!

In addition to the door, the grill has been removed and repainted. There was no repair needed so to speak but it did have a bit of rust, so he cleaned that up, sanded it and painted it. Presto! Looks good as new!Truth be told he would really like to eventually replace it with a different type but for now the new paint job will work!

Grilless front of RV

 Cleaning and sanding the grill

Painting the grill

Finished (for now)

And let's not forget that earlier in the Spring we re-did the dash...yes, ladies and gentlemen we are just that handy! And nope we are not available for hire...we have enough of our own to keep us busy!

 Removal...what an interesting experience!

 Cutting the new vinyl

 Back in place and lookin' good! Sooooo much better then what was there!

While these little projects really don't amount to much they are upgrades for us and we have enjoyed them (for the most part)! A few sore muscles here and there, couple sore fingers and lots of should we have really done this? thoughts but in the end it has worked out pretty well and we haven't invested more then a few dollars on each project.

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