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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Snapshot of life as it is...

It's just been a myriad of goings on and comings in our world and without a doubt we are staying busy. It's been running the gamut on activities...from more plumbing, weed removal and tree trimming, lawn mowing, getting poison ivy, oh yes, that's been awesome, NOT! To enjoying eating yummy cake, to fun family dinners in and out, cleaning for a soon to be new homeowner, hanging out with the Littles, more fresh veggies, football games, steri-stiches (oh yes, yes indeed), sanding and staining our BBQ table as well as going to the races again and having .50 corndogs at Sonic. Yes, yes, it's been good in our world, very, very good!

 Yummy good foods!!!

 The NOT SO FUN poison ivy I am battling...

Boogity, Boogity

Seriously, it's not all that terribly exciting or extremely difficult, it's just life for us right now. We are certainly enjoying being with the family and just doing life along side them.

I will say without a doubt some days are better than others depending on what we do and who we are trying to please, LOL, it's not always easy trying to do for someone else, their vision is not always clear and our skills are NOT professional. We just have the willing, somewhat capable bodies to do what they cannot. Let me state that again...we aren't professionals...sometimes we are hilarious to watch I suspect but we are having a good time so that's what counts and we are sleeping well at night!

And just an FYI Internet access is still a challenge,sometimes it's so maddening, most of the time it's down right scarce and very slow, hence the low posting activity, sorry! I want to try to post more directly from my phone but it's just not that easy (at least for me).


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