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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gasparilla Celebration in Tampa

What a celebration...think MardiGras with a pirate twist, aaarghhh! Yes, matey, the pirates throw beads and party hearty just like the LA folks do. It was an experience, one might say once is enough. That would be the case in my book, but it WAS fun to walk down to Bayshore Boulevard and watch a few of the floats and parade goers. It was a people watching mecca to say the least and we saw some folks that really should have checked themselves out in the mirror before leaving the house, saw others who should be heading home and others who probably won't make it home without some help.

Anywho, our new friends P&D invited us to their Gasparilla Shindig and what a shindig it was! Lots and lots of food and drinks plus tons of interesting guests. The food was so good, so many goodies to nibble on until parade time then after the parade there was some of the meatiest ribs ever and great BBQ chicken and baked beans and potato salad and hummingbird cake and well, you get the picture. I also tried smoked oysters, not bad, not bad at all! There was massive amounts of food for sure and it was very filling.

That is MiRVs arm, he caught several strands of beads for me. Some of the parade goers were pretty aggressive on this, me not so much, I think I caught one!

The other treat was getting to see P&D's home, it is one of the oldest in the area and they have been renovating over the years. It has a summer sleeping porch upstairs! They also have a bathroom that is larger than Roada. A super cute front porch that begs sitting and conversation as well as a wonderful pool and patio that we spent most of the evening and early morning hours visiting. It was delightful!


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