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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mermaid Sighting :)

When I was younger and we vacationed in Florida I wanted to see the mermaids. Instead we went to Silver Springs where several movies have been filmed, including some Tarzan flicks and rode the glass bottom boats. It was a fun time but I always have wanted to see those mermaids.

Today I did! LOL Somehow I think it would have been a whole lot more impressive when I was say 8, but still MiRV and I went and enjoyed ourselves. Those mermaids work hard that for sure! As for the rest of Weeki Wachee Springs it's a pretty good day trip. MiRV thinks the water park would have been neat to experience but it wasn't yet open for the season.

I bonded with the mermaids...
 I think I could pull off the mermaid gig, don't you?
We went to BOTH mermaid shows, took the boat ride, went to the animal encounter show and walked the grounds, it was a good day. We rushed to get to this park from Homosassa Springs where we spent the morning and saw several Florida native wildlife and went "in the spring". The boat ride to Homosassa spring from the visitor center should not be missed. you can also take a tram or drive yourself, but I vote for the boat!

 There were more flamingos then I have ever seen in one place and they were huge in comparison to others I have seen! Pretty incredible.

I can't believe how much Roada looks like a manatee! Seriously, she does! I love this picture and will now always think of the manatees when I look at our Roada!



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