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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Plants and Veggies

Goodness, there has been tomatoes, squash, ferns, cabbage, palms trees of all shapes and sizes, strawberries, peppers, potatoes, and of course oranges galore along with many other things I could not identify. I guess I did not realize how much is grown here. There are many, many, many fields of all sorts of produce near the Everglades, then further up you will find the hundreds of strawberry fields and just a few days ago we were traveling the countryside and saw many del Monte tomato fields.

 It is an amazing site to see for this Midwestern girl who is used to seeing only crop lands of corn, wheat and beans so to speak. I am used to seeing a few large gardens but nothing compares to these fields full of row after row, after row of veggies. And they irrigate, too! Some the traditional way but others spray from trucks and tractors. Evidently it works, the fields looks lush and green and were obviously producing.

Irrigation Truck

Then there are the sod farms and the nurseries growing all the plants, ferns were big as were the palm trees and many, many other types of flowering plants. Lastly, we have seen countless citrus groves. Some with smaller trees and then some with the full size trees. We've seen oranges, grapefruits, tangerines and lots of them. Also we have seen avocado trees, mango trees,  not to mention the star fruit and bananas and coconuts.

The pickers

So much agriculture here and I guess I never really gave that much thought, other than knowing that oranges come from Florida I never realized. And lets not forget the huge number of cattle we have seen here, which has also been surprising, just didn't think about Florida being cattle country but after the country road driving we have doing I know now that it is! Along with being the citrus state! Orange trucks rolling around everywhere!

The Orange trucks!

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