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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Another extraordinary evening!

Again, one of the top bennies of this nomadic lifestyle is being able to go and do pretty much as we please. We were already in MO and got the invite to attend the wing commander change of command at Whiteman AFB. While going to the CoC was neat...being able to see our adopted Eastsiders was the best part!

 Such a great evening on the back patio catching up over a bottle of vino! It was just like we were back on the Eastside!

Really neat to see how the oldest A-Team member has grown...we got to see the smaller one but she was not up for a picture as she woke up with teething discomfort...
Godspeed as you make your way to your new southern home in the next few days and who knows we may just show up in AL while you are there!


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