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Friday, June 12, 2015

Dontcha Know!!

We recently did a road trip to the land of youbetcha and we had a good time!

Neatest of all and the reason for the trip was to attend the Change of Command for our good friends. It was so nice to see them again! MIRV and Mr&Mrs Bud had not seen them since we left The Big O but I got to see them a few years ago in Vegas. My, oh my how those girls have grown! And it's just a good thing this was a summer event cause I don't think I will be a visitin' in any other season! 

What a neat reunion and special event to attend!!!
The fellas!

Bud got three new states-SD, ND and MN. The rest of us enjoyed adding a new check on the states visited list-ND. I'm now only short 5 (VT, MI, AK, WA & OR) more to have visited all 50! MiRV only needs two (UT & VT).

The ceremony was cool but the private tour of the Global Hawk afterward was the coolest! Oh my!

While it was a super fast trip and it would have been fun to do more sightseeing it was a fun, however; plenty of pretty orioles to see and be careful of mosquitos as they are VERY plentiful! The snacks they sent us down the road with came in handy on that long drive back!

Chocolate covered potato chips and leftover reception complaints from the traveling crew!

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