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Friday, September 18, 2015


Who doesn't like a parade? Even if it's sprinkling a tiny bit a parade can brighten your day!

Today we went and watched the NHS Homecoming parade. Really! Partly just for something fun to do, the people watching was INCREDIBLE, and partly cause we knew the Grand Marshall pretty well and wanted to be supportive.
 WooHoo for the Super Bee being such a sweet ride!

 We also knew a band kid! 

It was a fine time watching the people and the parade! Nice to see the community support.

Then we followed up later in the evening by attending the football game. That didn't really turn out so well as there was a weather delay, we decided to go home rather then wait it out, so Nevada was in the lead at the delay but not sure how it turned out.

The band performance at half-time was interesting and since we know a band kid that was cool. And I must say the Tigers played much better ball tonight: MUCH better. They have improved significantly.

Well, that it for another exciting installment of MO fun!


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