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Sunday, September 27, 2015


Goodness, time certainly never crawls when you are living life...been doing that lately; no doubt about it!

Football, birthdays, burn piles, cheer, a chicken, err I mean rooster and steri-strips round out this weeks happenings unless I forgot something which is entirely possible but these are the highlights!

We started off with a clear, pleasant mild day perfect for burning, so we did just that; after obtaining permission ,of course, as this burn was inside the city limits! It was a pretty good pile and we just kept adding to it throughout the day. Things continue to look really nice around the Tower homestead!


We have of course have had football and there was also a little cheer to go with that football this week! Go Team Go! Keeping our chin up after suffering our first loss. There's always ext week!
#61 and our cheerer doing their thing...

Then there was that little minor accident that was totally freak... It could have been so much worse but as it was it was pretty darn crummy. Thankfully the sink stopper was in when MiRV reached across the sink to retrieve his wallet. The cover was down and exploded underneath the very little weight of his arm. He had a nice couple of cuts that we cleaned up and steri-stripped and moved on. A vacuum made the clean up easier but it was still a mess, a big one; however, as I mentioned the sink stopper being in place helped tremendously as we know none of the glass went down the drain and will not be a concern of messing the macerator up when we dump!


Not that we are looking for a new pet as we aren't really pet people but there is a Rhode Island Red roaming around my folks neighborhood. It's been there for a few weeks now with no apparent home and seems to have taken up residence mostly in their area. Littles originally named said chicken Lucy but we have since renamed to Ricky since MiRV (and google) did confirm it is a he not a she. Much to my parents dismay he's quite the crower, too.
Ricky The Rooster!

We rounded out the weekend with a birthday dinner and cake. YUM! Love the Big Buzz and french fries at the local BBQ joint, always good. Enjoyed coconut cake afterwards that was really a treat. Happy, happy to the birthday girl!

Birthday Girl!


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