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Saturday, July 16, 2016


Oh good Lord it's warm, okay HOT, really HOT like heat index in triple digits. I don't really care for this kind of heat.. So remind me why are we here in Missouri again in July. Ugh, oh yeah, commitments. Well, next time let's work on NOT having them in July. Anyway, this month is just half over and we've been keeping busy. We brought in the 4th without a bang, went to T-town to meet friends, have made a couple trips to KC and have been keeping the yards mowed. It's never dull around here for sure. Being here has let us catch up on some mail ordering since we can easily get our mail so that's a perk I suppose we should be thankful for even in the extreme heat!

I am also thankful for AC! Though it's gotta be tough on the unit to be running so much just glad it does cool down and pretty quickly. We have had our needed oil change and service B on ROADA so we are ready to roll, well, after we get some new front shoes. Yes, ROADA needs new front tires. We are trying to make that happen now. Thought we had it worked out when we were in for our service appointment but it ended up being a no go. We are also replacing our non-working TV antenna, fashioning a new door screen and working on improving our window coverings as well as looking into better insulation in the door and a few other areas. Continuous improvement is the name of the game for ROADA. Always looking at how to make her the most functional for the way we live.

We will hopefully be wrapping up MO business and move on out sometime in August but it could very well be September. We are flexible like that. However, we do hope to be in NM in October for the Balloon Fiesta and then continue westward for the winter. Cali or bust :) finally, Lord willing. Course we have a stronger pull back to the Midwest with Trigger, who is growing like a weed and we can't wait to see her again next week. She is 5 months old today.

Can't believe it's already been 5 months! We love you Trigger!

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