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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

MooMoos, OinkOinks and Baaas

There was so much to look at and her little head was like a swivel trying to take it all in. It was hot, very hot. We were encroaching on her bedtime but I think her visit to the county fair barns was a success and fun. She will not remember it at all but we shall tell her about it... First, we watched the bucket calves being shown in the main arena. Then we headed out to the various livestock barns. Very well kept grounds and nicely maintained facilities for sure.
 This young exhibitor even let her touch his ewe! She was nonplussed!

She fell asleep before we made it to the horse barn, so we took in some of the other exhibit buildings while she napped and then headed back over to the neigh neighs after she woke up. She didn't seem too interested or impressed; much to her mother's dismay. The first time we walked through the horse barn the horses were quite noisy and their whinnying startled her a bit but she just laid her head back down and kept snoozing! Not much gets in between this child and her bedtime.

Hay Minions even made it!

Our own little horse girl!
Just the girls!

We enjoyed the sights and sounds of the Gage County Fair and maybe someday we will watch our little Trigger as an exhibitor, I think her mother definitely plans on that in the future! We look forward to it. Love those girls so very much!

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