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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cake Tasting!!!

Yes, please, take me! 

I was so ready for this aspect of the wedding planning! As in SIGN ME UP now, I certainly want to take part in this!! LOL

So tonight we made our way to the cake ladies house and tried three different samples of cake. I immediately knew my choice, however, since it's not my day I deferred until the bride voiced her opinion and then concurred! There will be white cake with butter cream icing at the reception! YUMMMMMMMY :) For those who need chocolate there will be options. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles will be available. There, now, everyone should be happy! I am so glad we have finally have this worked out. 

And for the record we also sampled chocolate cake and almond with raspberry filling (which WAS tasty) along with the traditional white, which was the winner!

This is a mock up of what the cake will look like...

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