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Monday, July 1, 2013

It's OFFICIALLY begun!

Late last week we obtained our new ID cards that officially show that MiRV is retired, but TODAY is THE official's a bit of a jolt but it's also very freeing. What are our plans you say. NOTHING! This month is totally focused on the wedding for the future Mrs. Bud. 

Nothing else even on the scope for the next 27 days, other then a quick road trip back to LA for a CoC. Obviously, it's a special someone or we wouldn't make the time and spend the cash to go. Being "retired" will change our lifestyle a great deal. Thankfully, we have been abundantly blessed and have a reserve fund until we land our next career. When we first arrived LA this one was the first CoC we attended, turned out he was one of our new EastSide neighbors and we just hit it off. Seems fitting that we attend his CoC as a kind of bring it full circle for us.

For those of you with much deeper wanderings we really do not have a plan. We continue to live in our 31 foot of bliss. It's working out just fine and this remains our plan for the next several months. Where we go next is totally up in the air. We would indeed like to end up in Florida, or so we think. We are realistic and know that a job is going to be needed at some point, but thankfully, that is not an immediate need so we are taking it slow and trying to explore many options. We are also just enjoying being without very many demands or obligations. It's been really nice.

Stay tuned as we start this new journey...honestly, I am not sure how often or at what pace I will blog now. I am working to figure out this new lifestyle and how and if a blog will fit for me. I have to say I do enjoy the blog for my own selfish, personal reasons as it allows me to document our story, however, I am not totally sure it will be a good fit. So for now, it's going to be a wait and see how it goes approach.

Meanwhile I leave you with these is good here at the base lake!

 Beautiful sunsets nearly every night...

 MiRV on the lake with his SUP.

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