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Sunday, July 28, 2013

And she's a MRS...

So much I could say about the day but suffice to say it happened. Yes, there are things I would do differently and things I would change, but the end result is that she did become M.R.S. Bud so it's all good!

From the ride to the church in the RV to the superhero boxers and cowboy boots it was pretty much all her all the way...

 This is truly soooooo her!

It was truly one of THOSE memorable days that will long be in our memories!

The reception was really nice as well and we enjoyed all the family being there! So glad everyone was able to make the trip!

The tables had lots of candles and plenty of white roses!!!

First dance for the newly announced Mr. & Mrs. Bud

And those white roses, ummm ALL 200 of them, were absolutely gorgeous, really beautiful, yes they were...and plentiful! :D

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