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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Road Trip

Today we were so pleased to be able to attend the Change of Command for a really great guy, former neighbor and true friend! When we arrived at BAFB two years ago this was the very first official function we attended. Turns out we would be neighbors with this commander, become friends and thoroughly enjoy our times together. It was only fitting that we make it back to his Change of Command as he transitions out and heads off to VA. A sort of last act, closing the book sort of thing for us and him! So we made the drive back down to LA on Tuesday and now we are already on our way back to the BIG O as I type! I am exhausted and we still have miles to go...but oh so worth it! Would have been fun to stick around a little longer but the soon to be new M.R.S. is signing for the new apartment tomorrow and we need to get back and help with the move in!

A good looking bunch!!

Oh and some things will just NEVER change!!! It was a constant error and even in retirement continues...

 There is only ONE L in our last name, ONE!

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