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Monday, January 18, 2016

Gas Station Eats

Really, it's not a "who knew" cause we did know! But did you know that gas stations can and do have good eats? It true! At least sometimes anyway. And NOT just in Texas cause in Kansas City we ate some awesome good BBQ in a gas station, too!

But here in TX we have now tried gas station fair twice and loved it! First trip was to snag breakfast burritos. Oh my goodness, a homemade tortilla slathered with beans stuffed with scrambled eggs, potatoes, cheese and yes, my friends last but not least BACON! This breakfast burrito was delightful! Like REALLY, really good! And cheap at 2/$3.00. And I'm not talking tiny burritos like from MickeyD's these were much larger!

Our second trip into the gas station for food was the 6/$6 soft tacos after 2 p.m. They know I'm a sucker for a good deal so we sauntered on in and got our deal. Again, most delicious! My favorite was the beef fajita taco but the carna guisado was very tasty as well. I'm thinking we will do that again...soon!

Border Fence

So there you have it! Eating at gas stations and being happy about it in southern Texas. I won't even tell you that the young girl who waited on us didn't speak English and for an hour before we stopped we were looking at the "border fence" so really I shouldn't have been surprised! However, the amigo at the register was a partial English speaker who came over to clarify the taco fillings available. Guess we should brush up on our Spanish speaking skills!


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