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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The latest buzz!

Seriously, can it get any better then being warned about African bees? our last stop it was "Be aware that snakes are in the area." I'm sorry no pic of that but it was BIG and red!

We are now truly in south Texas. We really hadn't planned to come this far down but you know we are flexible and all that! With the weather being a bit chillier in the overnights it makes having heat something we would like and that leads to getting an electrical hookup which means not boondocking and that was our primary we've found ourselves researching where we can go and not be in need of said electric. MiRV and I both joked that Florida would be good...and really I don't think we were joking! Then we considered going west as in Arizona but so far it's just further south in TX! After all, we are in the middle of "OWT" Operation Winter Texan for those not keeping up! So, I think this winter Texan thing is a one shot deal for us. You will probably find us back in FL next year...but we'll see, it's too soon to make that call!

Meanwhile, watch out for things going buzz from Africa!


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