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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Choke Canyon SP

While not first on our list, it was the best on our list! So this has been home the last couple days. We have been rejuvenating in this little gem of a state park in the boonies of Texas.  It's definitely off the beaten path a bit. We actually had thought we would be closer to town in a city/county park but that didn't work out for us (no bath house, is a deal breaker when we are paying for a slot) so here we are with nice spot to enjoy hot running water and electrical hookups! It's been 26 days since we have had hookups, thankfully, it has NOT been that long since our last shower! Anyway, we are enjoying the luxuries. There is even wifi. While it's not in our camping area it's at the visitor center. That's a nice little 5 mile ride to the visitor center ...MiRV made the trip three times; me, only once!
It's a quiet place and peaceful. There are deer in the campground each morning and evening,. Several different birds that we can hear but seeing them has been a different story. However, one little guy likes us...evidently a lot. He visits several times a day. This is fine, well, not really cause he likes to hang around near the mirrors and poop everywhere. I've had quite a time cleaning up after this little dude! He's a warbler, that's as good as it gets for identification from me. Could be wrong even on that front! Anyway, he likes hanging around and seeing himself in the windows and mirrors! He also eats the bugs so I guess it's good in some form.

 Our little friend

Taking off towards the North again stop unknown...with several possibilities on the list, we will see what works out! Living on the edge we are!! And looking for a car wash to get rid of the salt, sand and bird drippings! Oh, and an HEB Plus, too. I have come to really, I mean REALLY like these stores. Great produce and good prices! Win, win. There is even the potential for a commissary and BX in our future so that is kind of exciting too. I have a list so we will be stocking up if we do get the chance. There are some things we like and use that are just cheaper on a base!


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