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Monday, February 15, 2016

Words with Friends

It was a fantastic chat session! We exchanged a lot of words in a short amount time, it was glorious. How awesome to re-connect and it not even feel like you've missed a beat. That's friendship right there and the best possible kind. We don't do Christmas cards anymore but we do try to do meet ups when we are in the local area. MiRV is really good about keeping up via email and texting as well because believe it or not everyone is NOT on Facebook. So we have developed other means. I also randomly drop cards/small gifts/trinkets/post cards/ in the mail every month to various folks we've met along the way these past 30 years or so. It's just fun to keep in touch no matter the manner. Especially, those not on Facebook. It's fun! Keeps them updated, too. I have pulled back from the Facebook game he past several months though MiRV still finds it highly fun and entertaining. I do love the aspect of keeping up but oh me there is the can really wear on ya! Just sayin'...

Anyway, so a fun, fun, fun evening we had with the Ws. We enjoyed an awesome good meal on their back patio and an even more funtastic evening of chatter over coffee. Seriously, my throat was sore from talking and laughing so much. That didn't compare to just the great feeling of getting to share the evening with good people who are still doing the Lord's work and serving in the Blue. It's nice to know that even though so much has changed in the USAF there are still folks out there daily encouraging, instilling and making good happen. We will have better Airmen for it; I know that for sure!!

The next friend meet up was lunch with the Cs. Wow, they are smokin' the moves. Just found out they will head to DC in May. They have only been here in TX since June. With a smile on their face, they both said, "yes" we are excited and happy the USAF thinks we can handle this billet. Awesomeness! Our girls were friends in Italy and then again in Nebraska so it was good to catch up and fill in the blanks on their whereabouts and happenings. So proud of the young women they have all become.

We will meet up with a couple more good folks in the next few days so the fun is not over!


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