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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Enjoying the sunsets...

The temps have been a little cooler at night than we like without hookups so we have found ourselves along the coast. Port Isabell and SPI seem to have the warmer night time temps. For us that is good. We have found a few places to slip in and park for the overnight. There are some nice locations and we are thankful for that.
I like it when there are some clouds...
The perk of being in this area is the sunsets...we have found a spot and we head to it around the three o'clock hour and usually stay til well after the sun sets. This is two fold, we arrive early to get a spot we can fit in and then we stay late after all the others have left cause it's a great place to watch the sun go down and we are never alone. Depending on the weather there can be quite a crowd or just a few but there are always others around catching the last moments of the day. We have been treated to some very spectacular views. Honestly, it just makes one wonder how you could see this marvelous beauty and not realize there is a God.

Sunset Photographer!

Since we usually eat while waiting for the sun to set or as it's going down, I am usually inside preparing or cleaning up so it is MiRV who pops out to capture the beauty for us!

One evening we were treated to a show with our dinner as we watched a young woman "model" for a young man. It was a photo shoot of sorts, she came in stiletto heels with a fur coat on. She slid out of that and had on only a bikini. After several shots she donned a long black dress and slithered out of the bikini, more shots, then she bundled up back in the coat for a few more shots and they departed. You just never know watch you'll see if you just look...
And lastly there was a beautiful sunrise from our spot the last two's the little things! Not gonna miss much about OWT but this could be on a list if there was one. Today we are start trekking northward.


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