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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fire it up!

While it was a spur of the moment decision, it did work well. The day started with coffee and a thought that the Neighbor's yard needed to be mowed. Mowing commenced and before long it was decided we might as well burn the brush pile. A quick call to the city confirmed there was no burn ban and a second call to the non-emergency fire department got us rolling onward.

Dryer lint is the very best fire starter. We had a nice collection of said dryer lint and got the pile going quite fact, just as the breeze was kicking up. I had a few moments of, "ohmyohmy, I certainly hope this doesn't continue" and it thankfully didn't. I was on brush pile duty for the remainder of the day while MiRV finished up mowing and even headed off to do a little fence repair down South. It was a lovely day to be outside. I even got a little unintentional sunshine on my nose!

We have not been quite so busy with tasks as of late, it's been nice but we know it will pick up now that the weather is more springlike everyday. MiRV has been getting some nice long runs in while I have been doing a bit of walking. We are also going to be taking in a few ballgames with the Littles, in fact we will head to Lamar for a scrimmage tomorrow night! There are also a few trips north to make :)

All that fresh air, I am planning on a good night's sleep.

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