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Thursday, April 21, 2016

KC Touring

While house sitting in the Kansas City area we decided to do some touristy things. Living in an area sometimes you don't take advantage of all the things there are to offer. I feel that way about KC. Growing up in this area we came to the city to eat, shop and see a ballgame. We went to many, many Royals games back in the George Brett days! As a youngster we often had our school field trips to the City. While in college just to the East we came to the City to eat and shop. In more recent years I have been coming to the City for the doctors and hospitals. I do know KC is way more than eating and shopping.

Well, we do look good on one of these things...
 MiRV liked this one's a Sportster Forty-Eight

Today we went up North to take a tour of the Harley Davidson factory. It was really neat and complimented all that we learned and saw in Milwaukee a couple years ago at the HD Museum. Putting this street bikes together is quite high tech as you can imagine and there are lots of robotic helpers but the real assembly is by humans and all the non-human assembly is re-checked by real live humans. It was amazing to see this factory at work. To hear all the facts about the plant, the people, the bikes. It was well worth the drive all the way out by the airport and really nice they do this free tour. At the end we got to keep our visitor badge and write a postcard that they will mail for us! Pretty cool!
Liberty Memorial

We headed South after our tour to check out the Liberty Memorial area. This is also where the Federal Reserve Bank is. We parked and walked up to the memorial which has been proudly gracing the area since 1921. A nice tribute to those who have served.

 Great views!

After a much enjoyed stop at Starbuck's we headed on South. What I didn't enjoy was the traffic. We lingered a bit too long at Starbuck's and had to drive back with rush hour traffic. Not my idea of enjoyable but thankfully there were no total standstills even though there was heavy traffic congestion it kept moving for the most part! Safely back and tucked in for the night; it's gonna be a low key evening. And if you are wondering, I miss my bed and Roada!!

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