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Friday, April 1, 2016


Even though we are "Neighbors" we often don't see them at home for days on end. They are busy Littles; with school, ball, gymnastics, etc so they ask us to please be home one night this week when they would also be home. It was a beautiful afternoon/evening, I mean just perfect weather wise so we made the most of it. There was lots of activity going on. Scooters were out, chalk, balls, trampoline time, giggles and laughs, running and jumping, it was a perfect evening! There was even pizza for dinner. Can life get much better? I really don't think so!
Our chalk art...scenic views along with self portraits!

Little bit of pitching practice and catch happened. Just call me Lefty!

We also got to share a walk with this crew. It's the Little Things that make life so good.

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