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Sunday, April 24, 2016

More fun in KC

I like the City life! So many things (free, too) right out your front door and lots of accessible shopping, it's definitely fun to be so close to so many amenities. I hope I don't get too spoiled...

Today and yesterday we didn't have a real agenda, but we did have a few things we knew we wanted to do or accomplish. We hit up the stores we needed and then enjoyed an afternoon treat before heading back. One stop I enjoyed was Whole Foods Market. Daughter will be thrilled as I was able to find her an acceptable treat that fits into her dietary restrictions. Just hope it's tasty yummy for her. Trigger netted a new set of bibs out of the deal to boot!
Today we headed out early to get a view and feel for a water race. It was a sight to see all the paddlers. Only two SUPs on the water and lots and lots of canoes and kayaks. A fifty mile paddle is not for the faint of heart and the open water was quite swift, not sure I would be ready for that type fun but I think MiRV is itching to give it a go. I was thankful for a java stop after that before we made our way to the City Market area.

At the market!
Our first snack of the day...

The sights, sounds and smells were incredible. I was in heaven, while there were several people it wasn't overly crowded. We started off sharing a nice spinach, feta and onion pita pocket which was really good and the tzatziki was like lickyourplateclean yummy good! Looking at all the booths was fun we bought a few tomatoes and red pepper along with a bit of cilantro. The cilantro was dried, I can't wait to try it in my cooking. I never have it when I want it and buying it fresh is lovely but it always seems to spoil before i can use it all so I am trying the dried. The spice booth was incredible!! I could have gone overboard but I restrained myself...hope I am not sorry for not buying a few others as the prices were amazing!

Funny that MiRV thinks we could start a new thing and run a little railroad business at gigs like this. He was pretty excited about this and quite serious. Me, notsomuch! Can you imagine the liability insurance needed. Though it was cute to watch and the children seriously loved it and there was a line to ride.
Neat little exhibit of trains running in Union Station

We continued on in the downtown area and decided to take a look inside Union Station. We got a great view the other day while at the Liberty Memorial but getting inside was nice. Loved the train displays, fun to look at and brings out the child in everyone to see choo choo trains! We enjoyed walking around the old station before making our way on to our temporary abode.

So many neat old signs in the downtown area!

The weather is gorgeous right now, so sunny and vivid, bright blue skies. Though I did hear the weatherman allude to potential for severe weather in the upcoming week...I don't like severe weather! Hope it goes around or moves through without much punch. While we aren't doing much but hanging out and taking in the local sights it's wearing me out. No naps as that would mess up my nighttime sleep but I have been worn out when we get home! Gonna need to get back in ROADA and get our lives back on track. Well, not sure how accurate that is as I don't think we have a real track anymore. We just come and go and do as we please and let the wind blow us to and fro whenever we like. It's not a bad deal!

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