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Thursday, November 21, 2013


So it started out as a somewhat gloomy day, we had gone to the library to internet, hit up the grocery store and then since the sun had come out we decided to head on over to the beach to see if there were waves. There were, we unloaded, I was good on the beach with a book, MiRV took the board and hit the waves. All was good, it was a decent afternoon, little bit of sun was playing peekaboo in and out of the clouds and it was not real hot with a great breeze, okay it might have been a tad windy but I wasn't complaining, I was on the beach after all with a good book!

 On the beach prior to the oops moment...

After a couple hours and catching a few good waves MiRV headed in. As he approached the shore he washed through some pretty heavy whitewater that whipped his board up in the air where it came down smackdab on his nose. Blood, lots of blood, MiRV is pretty sure it's broken. This happened one other time, it was not but there was lots of blood that time as well. 

We head to the ER...

Waiting, waiting, waiting, name of the ER game; we know the drill!
Yep, b.r.o.k.e.n. but no deviated septum, just fractured across the bridge. Oy vey!
Yep, it's swollen a little and more then a little tender!

The ER visit was pretty non eventful, we arrive, give info, go back for prelim and vitals, get settled in a room, see nurse, see doctor who orders x-rays, get x-rays, it's BROKEN, get referral, pay co-pay, drive home. Three hours later, it's all good...well sort of, it's still bleeding and he has to sleep in the upright position, but it's really going to be okay we think so it's all good.

The hurdles started the next day when we work through reporting the ER visit to our doctor and getting the referral approved, referral is to a specialist who deals with noses and does surgery, going to be interesting to see where this goes. Couldn't just see an ENT due to the fact he's had nasal surgery before so seeing a more detailed surgeon.

I think he's looking pretty good just 24 hours later! Thought he might been have worse with more bruising and black eyes but really he looks pretty darn good for having a broken nose!!! Now to see what the specialist says tomorrow morning!


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