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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Shopping!

Thanksgiving IS probably my favorite holiday. I love all the food (minus the turkey, yeah, I know crazy but I don't like turkey so much) and there is not any stress of gift buying plus there are parades and football games. For us Thanksgiving is usually more friends (who ARE our family) than relatives due to not being able to make it home very often for this holiday.

Early memories as a couple are UNDER baking the turkey in the Azores! YUCK, maybe that is why I don't like turkey... Also sharing an awesome feast with friends and relatives in COS a couple years in a row. Just the three of us having an early lunch before MiRV had to go to work in DC with HoneyBaked Ham! YUMMERS!!! Going to the beach in Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday one year was awesome too while we were in AL. Of course being outside Florance, Italy with the Chernobyl orphans is still a standout in my mind. The children had never had cool whip nor whipped cream from a can, that was a hoot and the experience also made a much deeper impact on my heart. Made me hug our own daughter a little tighter and be so very thankful for our life. I always try to reflect on what we have and how totally blessed we are...beyond measure for sure!

 A few of my Aldi buys!

Anyway, shopping this year is what's on my mind. I will naturally do our favorites--mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, dressing, noodles, rolls, Kelley's corn, pumpkin pie; haven't yet determined if we want ham or not. I am trying to plan in my brain how I will prepare and cook it all, course portions will be smaller and I have to get my brain to think that through but we would still like a few leftovers; after all, that's something we look forward to! It will be yummy and I am already looking forward to it, maybe a little too much!!!

So what are your Thanksgiving plans, do you plan to stay home, go out, have family or friends over or both? Is your crowd going to be large or small? No matter what or how it's a wonderful time to reflect and I plan to do exactly that again this year and thank God for all that we have been so blessed with. Our year has been so abundantly full and we are so amazingly fortunate to be living as we are we ARE really VERY, very blessed!  I don't ever want to not be thankful or lose sight of how blessed we are, to never take for granted the bounty we have...

It will be just MiRV and I this year, unless Three Doors Down is able to join us since he is still in the area but I think he will be working to get that rocket launched! But it's all good we are okay with just each other, it's kind of nice actually :) And there may also be a beach trip that day which I know MiRV will totally enjoy OR a rocket launch?? we will just have to see. Best part is it's totally up to us we will if we want to and we won't if we don't...that's a pretty good part!!

Stay tuned there will be pictures and you will find out if we do make it to the beach or get to see the rocket launch!


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